Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Avocado Saga .... Day 5... New Contender...

Well it's day 5 since I started off Tarquin in his little pot of water. He's not changed much and still looks the same. His head dried out, his bottom still in water. I have changed the water. Petra is in the same condition, head dry, bottom wet, and I have changed her water. Yesterday I had another avocado to eat with my dinner, this time I left the seed on the windowsill to dry out, as some places on the net recommend this.

Then today I peeled the seed... This has left him looking more like an egg... Then I wrapped his bottom in a damp piece of kitchen towel/tissue... Well two actually, one after the other. His head was left poking out and he was put in a food bag and sealed and put in a light place. The idea is that I check the tissue every few days of so and chuck it out if it starts to smell mankey and replace it! I have named him Hugo. Hugo will continue in this way until he sprouts a root, then be potted into soil, unlike the others, that are to become mini plants before potting.

There is another theory I have read about I am wanting to try, so stay tuned for the next time I eat avocado, another specimen will be added to the family. I am enjoying the science experiment that this little project is becoming...

Anyone else joining and growing one? I'd love to hear how you're all getting on. 

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  1. It seems now, after over a month, that something is starting to come out at the bottom, but it's still tiny. Therefore, a lot of patience is needed.